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Sunday 21st September 2014 16.00 18.00 Registration In Hilton Hotel, Old Town Prague     
  18.00 20.00 Welcome Reception In Zinc Bar at Conference Hotel (Next to Reception)       
Session Number 1              
Session Title Civil Applications 1      
Session Chair (s) Mike Clayton



Leo Steenweg,

Conference Chairman 

Programme updates and Local Information 




Geoff Betsinger,

ISRP President

Welcome and Opening of ConferenceGeoff Betsinger, ISRP President

  9.20 10.00 Maryann D'Allessandro A NIOSH Respiratory Protective Device Standards Priorities.
  10.00 10.20 Hyanwook Kim   Korean Section Introduction  
  10.20 10.40 Chungsik Yoon 1

Filtration Efficiency, Pressure Drop and Total Inward Leakage in Anti-Yellow Sand Masks, Quarantine Masks, Medical Masks, General Masks


  10.40 11.00 Coffee          
Session Number 2              
Session Title Civil Applications 2      
Session Chair (s) Graham Powe
  11.00 11.20 Hyunwook Kim 2 Assessing real-time performances of N95 Respirators for Health Care Workers by Simulated Workplace Protection Factors
  11.20 11.40 Robin Howie 3 What level of Risk are Asbestos Removal Workers Being Exposed to using contemporary RPE?
  11.40 12.00 Nicole McCullough 4 Responding to Employers Challenges to Simulated Workplace Protection Factor Study Protocol
  12.00 12.20 Takashi Hamamoto 5 Measuring Respiratory Resistance on Disposable Dust Masks in highly humidified conditions
  12.20 12.40 Norikazu Kurano 6 A Method for Respirator Wearers to Understand the Performance When Wearing the Respirators
  12.40 13.40 Lunch          
Session Number 3              
Session Title Design + Development 1      
Session Chair (s) Menno de Jonge
  13.40 14.00 Nick Hunter 7 HM50. Design and Development Story - The Challenges of Achieving Integrated Respiratory and Head Protection
  14.00 14.20 Paul Gardner 8 Investigation of Novel Respirator Facepiece Pressurization Concepts
  14.20 14.40 Claire Hemmings 9 The Enhanced Protection Positive Pressure Respirator
  14.40 15.00 Esther Krasner 10 Development of a new disposable mask for biological threats
  15.00 15.20 Tea          
Session Number 4              
Session Title Design + Development 2      
Session Chair (s) Claire Hemmings
  15.20 15.40 Girish Srinivas 11 Wild land Fire Fighter Breather - Lungsaver  
  15.40 16.00 Jay Snyder 12 New Research and Development on End of Service Systems for Air-Purifying Respirators
  16.00 16.20 Girish Srinivas 13 Respiratory Protection from CO Inhalation
  16.20 16.40 Justin Hine 14 Chemically Stable Room Temperature Carbon Monoxide Catalysis
  16.40 17.00 Lynsay McEwan 15 Respiratory protective device development featuring gold catalyst technology
  16.20 16.40 Mike Williams 16 The Use of Activated Carbon as a Dessicant for Hopcalite type Carbon Monoxide Catalysts
     1700 End of Technical Programme Day 1    


Tuesday 23rd September 2014              
Session Number 5              
Session Title Filters + Filtering 1      
Session Chair (s) Geoff Betsinger
  8.50 9.00 Day Notices          
  9.00 9.40 Yoshimi Matsumura B New Aspects of Respiratory Protection Requirements in Big Disasters and Industrial Activities in Japan
  9.40 10.00 Gerry O Wood 17 Correlating and Extrapolating Air-Purifying Respirator Cartridge Breakthrough Times - A critical Review
  10.00 10.20 Ziqing Zhuang 18 Effectiveness of Filtering Facepiece Respirators and Elastomeric mask Respirators against Nanoparticles
  10.20 10.40 Cecile Vallieres 19 Prediction of the service Life Time of Cartidges for Personal Protection in Case of Multicomponent Gas
  10.40 11.00 Coffee          
Session Number 6              
Session Title Filters + Filtering 2      
Session Chair (s) Craig Colton
  11.00 11.20 Florence Janvier 20 Breakthrough Experiments of Miniaturised and Full Size Cartridges for Organic Vapours
  11.20 11.40 Gus Manning 21 A Proposal to Establish a Proficiency Testing System for Chemical Challenge testing of Respirator Cartidges
  11.40 12.00 Kerrie Burton 22 Efficiency of Respirator Filter Media against Diesel Particulate Matter
  12.00 12.20 Hisashi Yuasa 23 Determination of Air Filter Collection Efficiency for Nanoparticles with Macromolecular Ions
  12.20 12.40 Mike Williams 24 Static Isomers and Dynamic Testing of Activated Charcoals for Filters
  12.40 13.40 Lunch          
  12.40 15.20 Exhibition Open/ Poster Session     
Session Chair (s)


      Girish Srinivas P1 Sweating Manikin Testing of a Cooling System for Level-A Hazmat Suits
      Don-Hee Hana and David Kim P2 Development of Half-mask Facepiece for Male Workers and Its Fit Performance in Korea
      Kangsoo Park P3 Enhancement of facial contact pressure and comfort with a foamed inner-shell
      Andrew Johnston, Gwyn Winfield  P4 IFREACT, Next generation respiratory protection
      Andrew W J Smith P5 Air Purification Technology
  15.00 15.20 Tea          
Session Number 7              
Session Title Medical + Physiology      
Session Chair (s) Yoshimi Matsumura
  15.20 15.40 Raymond Roberge 25 Physiologic and Subjective Responses to Wearing N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Advanced Pregnancy
  15.40 16.00 Raymond Roberge 26 Factors Impacting Comfort and Tolerance to N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators: Research Results from Project B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
  16.00 16.20 Hiroki Haruta 27 Survey and analysis of Worker's breathing patterns in actual arc Welding Operation
  16.20 16.40 Graham Powe 28 Breathing Patterns and Volumes Recorded in the Workplace in Correlation with ISO Work Rates
  16.40 17.00 Barbara Shykoff 29 Effects of combinations of breathing resistance and inspiratory CO2
     1700 End of Technical Programme Day 2        
    1830 Beer Tasting (Practical)    


Wednesday 24th September 2014              
Session Number 8              
Session Title ISO / Standards Development      
Session Chair (s) Lars Ronner
  8.50 9.00 Day Notices   Title
  9.00 9.20 Thomas Krueguerke 30 ISO Standards - how will they arrive in Europe?
  9.20 9.40 Wolfgang Drews 31 ISO Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD) - Human Factors driven Standardisation.
  9.40 10.00 Mike Clayton 32 Validation of the ISO Protection Levels - Initial Steps
  10.00 10.20 Bill Newcomb 33 Similarities between the 42 CFR Part 84 and the proposed ISO Respirator Standards
  10.20 10.40 Colleen Miller 34 United States and ISO Respiratory Protective Device Standard initial steps toward global standard harmonization:  NIOSH plans and preliminary results for validating ISO performance requirements.
  10.40 11.00 Coffee          
Session Number 9              
Session Title ISO / Standards Development      
Session Chair (s) Andy Capon
  11.00 11.20 Simon J Smith 35 Development Of Requirements for the Special Application CBRN as part of the ISO Respiratory Protection Standard
  11.20 12.00 Discussion    
  12.00 12.40 Annual General Meeting of the International Society for Respiratory Protection
  12.40 13.40 Lunch          
Session Number 10              
Session Title Fit + Leakage      
Session Chair (s) Hyanwook Kim
  13.40 14.00 Geoff Betsinger 36 Does fit testing tight fitting respiratory protection increase work place protection?
  14.00 14.20 Robin Howie 37 Fit Testing fails to indicate Adequacy of Fit for individual wearers
  14.40 15.00 Shirley Frost 38 Fit of Filtering Facepieces Part 3: Suitability of FFP3 for Real Faces
  14.20 15.00 Ziqing Zhuang 39 Temporal Changes in Filtering Facepiece Respirator Fit
  15.00 15.20 Tea          
  15.20 15.40 Arthur Johnson Award Paper      
      Margaret Sietsema Evaluating Simulated Workplace Protection Factors for a First Responder Low-Level Protection Ensemble
Session Number 11              
Session Title Education and Advice      
Session Chair (s) Mike Lee
  15.40 16.00   Graham Bostock 40 Proposed ISO Methods for testing Respiratory Protection Devices    
  16.00 16.20 Julie Tremblay 41 Implications of PPE product Conformance for Standard Changes
  16.20 16.40 Simon J Smith 42 ISRP Education Programme Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  16.40 17.00  Mike Clayton  43 A Web-based Respiratory Protective Equipment Selector Tool
      End of Technical Programme Day 3        
    18.00 Depart for Conference Dinner from Hotel Lobby


Thursday 25th September 2104              
Session Number 12              
Session Title Hazards      
Session Chair (s) Karen Long
  8.50 9.00 Day Notices    
  9.00 9.40 Nicole McCullough D Ebola Virus Disease: RPE Issues and Challenges
  9.40 10.00 Nicole McCullough 44 Utilising Respiratory Protection to Help reduce exposures to Ambient Air Pollution
  10.00 10.20 Nicole McCullough 45 Utilising Respiratory Protection to Help reduce exposures to Ambient Air Pollution
  10.20 10.40 Ilse Tuinman 46 Protection for the Unexpected Threat
  10.50 11.00 Coffee          
Session Number 13              
Session Title Tests and Testing 1      
Session Chair (s) Claire Baker
  11.00 11.20 Ewa Messaoudi 47 Risk with Increased Pressure in Compressed Gas Cylinders
  11.20 11.40 Gregory Olson 48 The Evolution of a Fast Fit Protocol
  11.40 12.00 Richard Remiarz 49 Evaluation of Faster Fit Testing Methods for Respirators Based on the TSI PortaCount
  12.00 12.20 John Wakefield 50 The next Generation Respirator Battlefield Evaluation System
  12.20 12.40 Asia Section Representative 51 Announcement of 2016 International Conference
  12.40 13.40 Lunch          
Session Number 14              
Session Title Tests and Testing 2      
Session Chair (s) Stuart Harris
  13.40 14.00 Margaret Sietsama 52 Comparing Real-Time Fit Factors to Traditional Fit Factors by OSHA Exercise for N95 Respirators
  14.00 14.20 Eva Dickson 53 Development and use of an anthropomorphic head form with realistic simulated breathing patterns for standardised testing of respiratory protection devices
  14.20 14.40 Craig Colton 54 Evaluation of NIOSH proposed STP for Fit Testing half Facepiece Respirators
  14.40 15.00 Paper or Closing Remarks Conference Chair 
  15.00 15.20 Tea